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NC SIP GOALS FOR 2016-2021​


GOAL 1 - NC SIP staff will increase their capacity to provide leadership, professional development, coaching,  and supports to participating districts, teachers, and families on leadership and effective reading,math, and content literacy instruction.

GOAL 2 - District and building administrators will have the skills to develop, implement, and evaluate district  plans that support the improvement of core content instruction and achievement of students with  disabilities in their districts.

GOAL 3 - Teachers and administrators will have the skills to effectively implement research-based reading,  math, adolescent literacy and co-teaching instructional practices for students with disabilities in the K-12  classroom, which will lead to increased student engagement, student generalization of skills, academic  achievement, and family engagement.

GOAL 4 - Pre-service teachers and in-service administrators enrolled in partnering IHEs, will have the capacity  to effectively implement and support research-based reading, math, adolescent literacy, and co-teaching for students with disabilities.




Please review the attached documents(below) which contain the description of the application process for the NC State Improvement Project (NC SIP). Details are provided about the three new levels of engagement with NC SIP. The Exceptional Children Division suggests that you first read the memo, then read the goals, expectations and requirements alignment document. From this information, you will be able to determine which application to complete for the appropriate level of engagement with the NC State Improvement Project.


If you have questions, email Dr. Paula Crawford, Project Director, at paula.crawford@dpi.nc.gov.


NC SIP Application Memo

Best Practice Center Application

Demonstration Site Application

Goals, Expectations and Requirements

Network Site Application


NCSIP Application Process

"After almost 20 years, the State Improvement Project continues to make a significant impact statewide on literacy and math instruction for both general and special education teachers.  Through participation in  Reading Research to Classroom Practice and Foundations of Math, classroom teachers have the needed tools to address instruction for our most struggling learners. "



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