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K-5 Unpacking Documents:

All K-5 Unpacking Documents have been updated with the latest information provided by the CCSS Writing Team.  These may be accessed on the Mathematics Wiki:

K-2 Assessment:

Two K-2 Assessment Instructional Videos have been added to assist with implementation of the  K-2 Formative Instructional and Assessment Tasks for the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics.  In addition, all assessment tasks are also provided as compiled Word Documents for your convenience.  You may access these resources on the K-2 Assessment Wiki:

K-2 Mid-Year Benchmark Assessments:

NCDPI is currently developing the K-2 Mid-Year Benchmark Assessment and will release these assessments to district leaders by late Fall.

Math - Rules for Recording (PDF) 


Best Evidence Encyclopedia

K-8 Publishers Criteria for the Common Core Standards for Mathematics

Valerie Faulkner Math Club - Foundations of Math Support

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